You can visit when you visit Bonaire on a cruise ship. We allow only groups with a Cadushy Cerified Guide.

So if you want to visit us, make sure that you hire a Cadushy Certified guide. If you are on a tour with a guide without our Certification you can can enter our facilities.

Make sure your guide has a certification pass like this:

We want to keep a visit to The Cadushy Distillery a special and unique experience. We do not want to get overcrouwed, because mass-tourism is not our "Cup of Tea"... uhh "Cup of Rum"

If you rent a Car, Scooter or Golf cart and drive arround the Island yourself, please show your key or rental-agreement and you can visit without guide.

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Enjoy your stay at The Cadushy Distillery!




You can visit The Cadushy Distillery every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am till 5 pm or during special cruise ship days. No reservations needed. We welcome everyone, there is no entrance fee. Just bring your good mood.