May 21, 1962, 14.30 hours. Kralendijk Bonaire. That’s the moment Captain Don Stewart first set foot on Bonaire, and ever since that day, this island has grown to become a diver’s paradise thanks to his pioneering efforts and his forethought to spearhead a program of island wide preservation of natural resources.

A Caribbean Whiskey? Yes! Captain Don’s Whiskey incorporates aging on Caribbean tobacco leaves and is made from locally grown rye ‘maishi chicitu’ to create a bold flavour with a smooth finish.

Captain Don’s Wiskey is available in 700 ml and 1000 ml bottles.




Captain Don is by far the most famous character on Bonaire, his salty tales have become best loved books and his dive operations and resort set industry standards. And though the charismatic captain was well-known for his love of whiskey back in the day, he stopped drinking a long time ago.

But we still thought it fitting to produce a special bottle and brand of Wiskey to pay tribute to his pluck, charisma and character- and we are happy to say that he wholeheartedly approved. He sadly passed on May 28th 2014.

Captain Don Stewart - June 25th 1927 - May 28th 2014.