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The Dutch Caribbean Islands are full of Heritage and History. This sparked the creativity of the Cadushy Distilling team. The team made a unique Liqueur for every Dutch Caribbean Island based on the Traditions of these Islands: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Sint Eustatius (AKA Statia) and Saba… Only for Sint Maarten they did not find traditions they could use. So… they took a great Dutch tradition that was ready to be renewed and made a Royal Orange of Orange Liqueur for the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

We captured The Spirit of the Island in our bottles. Cadushy Vodka, the only Cactus Vodka in the World. Captain Don's Whiskey, the first and only Caribbean Whiskey. Kaomati Tequila opens the gateway to the Spirit-world of Bonaire and of course our famous Rom Rincón named for the Capital of Bonaire, Rincón.


The Gold of Statia Liqueur is based on the rich History of Statia.

Statia was the first foreign nation to officially recognize the United States of America.

During the 17th and 18th century Statia was a major trading center in the Caribbean...

...The Golden Taste of Statia.

Available in 500 ml and 40 ml bottles.

The Spices of Saba Liqueur is based on the rich traditions of Saba. Spices have been used for centuries on Saba for the celebration of a wedding.

Generations of sea-faring Sabans Treasured “Spice” as a reminder of their beloved island home...

...The Spicy Taste of Saba.

Available in 500 ml and 40 ml bottles.

The Calbas of Curaçao Liqueur is based on the Cultural Traditions of Curaçao.

The Calbas has, for Centuries been used for countless creations from Musical Instruments, Tasty sweets to Herbal Remedies. The Soursop with it's distinctive taste gives this Liqueur a Lovely twist that makes...

...The Dushi Taste of Curaçao.

Available in 500 ml and 40 ml bottles.

The Kukuï of Aruba Liqueur is based on the Indian traditions of Aruba.

The Caquetio Indians who lived on the Island roasted Agave-leaves to make their special cultural drink. Combine this with the great taste of the local Shimaruku fruit and you will get...

...The Indian Taste of Aruba.

Available in 500 ml and 40 ml bottles.

The Orange of Orange Liqueur is based on the Finest traditions of Europe and South America. This wonderful sweet Liqueur with a Herbal bite is perfect for special moments with friends and Family. The taste of sweet orange combined with the strong taste of Yerba Mate makes continents move closer...

...The Royal Taste of Orange.

Available in 500 ml and 40 ml bottles.

This Cadushy of Bonaire Liqueur is based on the traditions of Bonaire. Lime has been used as thirst satisfier since the beginning of time. The cactus has been an ingredient for the traditional kitchen for centuries. These unique tastes meet in this Liqueur...

...The Sunny Taste of Bonaire.

Available in 500 ml, 40 ml and 1500 ml bottles.

The Spirit named for the Capital of Bonaire

Rom Rincon is spiced in the classic Caribbean tradition…


Today's Caribbean rum distillers have hundreds of years experience perfecting the art of distillation, aging and blending.

In the early days, adding spices to rum was needed because the rums were so crude and harsh that seamen would blend and mix in any spices they had to improve and smooth-out its flavor.

We followed this tradition but started out with high quality rum we create in our own artesian distillery in the heart of Rincon.

A distintive spice we use is ‘Yerba di Holé a Bonairean wild Basil that is used in Bonairean traditional cuisine.

We produce only small batches of this rum and age it on French Oak Barrels to create a Rum worthy the name of The Capital of Bonaire ‘Rom Rincon’.

Available in 1000 ml, 700 ml and 50 ml bottles.

Salu! Gin is made with 13 mostly Caribbean Bontanicals.

Cheers! Proost! Salut! Priekā Viva! Skål! Pro! Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo! Saude! Chtob vse byli zdorovy! Na zdravie! Auguryo! Slainte! Mhath! Tim-tim! Mabuhay! Gëzuar! Fisehatak! Saúde! Prosit! Afiyæt oslun! Gayola! Cherio! Vashi! Na zdrave! Pura Vida! Na zdraví! Fee sihetak! Je via sano! T'chen chen! Terviseks! Ba'sal'a'ma'ti! Tsjoch! A votre  santé! Sláinte! Eis Igian! Kassutta! Okole maluna! Salú!

Available in 1000, 700 and 50 ml bottles.

Smooth with a spiny Character

Cadushy Vodka, Worlds First Cactus Vodka!

Cadushy Vodka is made in small batches which are personally approved by the Master Distiller of the Cadushy Distillery to ensure each bottle meets our highest quality standards.


Cadushy Vodka, won a Gold medal at the World Spirit Competition 2017 in San Fransisco.

Available in 700 ml and 1000 ml bottles.

We combined the good things of the Big Whisky's of the world to create the very first Caribbean Whisky. A Caribbean Whisky? Yes!

Our Captain Don's Whisky is made in single barrel batches and aged on French oak barrels with Cuban Tobacco leaves in the Barrel to create a bold flavor with a smooth finish.

Captain Don Stewart was the founder of the Diving Industry of Bonaire and is by far the most famous character on Bonaire. His salty tales have become best loved books and his dive operations and resort have set industry standards. Because of him Bonaire has grown to become a diver's paradise thanks to his pioneering efforts.

Captain Do's Whisky won a Silver medal at the World Spirit Competition 2017 in San Fansisco.

Captain Don's Wiskey is available in 1000, 700 and 50 ml bottles.


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