Our Story


The Cadushy Distillery was founded on March 7th, 2009, by the Gietman family and grew from a small start-up to a thriving company, on Bonaire and beyond.

On the small island of Bonaire, they created an excellent and unique liqueur, based on the traditions of Bonaire. And a unique line of spirits The Spirit of Bonaire.

The heart of the group is Cadushy Distillery, the only distillery on Bonaire whose headquarters are located in Rincón. Her passion is to produce authentic products with traditional flavors. The unique products are produced in small batches in a responsible and sustainable way, by a dedicated team of craftsmen.

In a historical location in the oldest village of Bonaire, Rincon, they process ingredients into an exquisite liqueur, The Sunny taste of Bonaire.

After obtaining several prestigious international prizes, the demand for products from The Cadushy Distillery has also increased sharply outside Bonaire.